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We at Graetz Remodeling would like to remind you, whether or not you work with us, to investigate your contractor BEFORE you contract.  Unlicensed and unpermitted work is illegal and can end up costing you, the homeowner, expenses outside the bargain you thought you were getting.   Go to the State of Florida Licensing Board website, the consumer section and make sure the contractor or tradesmen you are dealing with will not get you in trouble.


     Graetz Remodelings' company policy is to provide our clients a quality final product delivered at a reasonable investment honestly and accurately!!     We will not provide our prospective clients a "low-ball" investment amount to gain your business.  We want to EARN your business and this is not what I define as "getting off on the right foot" and most certainly not honest!
    We provide all prospects with as accurate an investment amount possible based on your criteria.  All "allowance" items (items with costs included for purchase of your selections) will carry as close to actual costs as possible.  We will not include obviously low allowance numbers only to invoice for a large difference during your project.
     Before spending your hard earned money know what you are getting.  Know what your given allowances are for and what the amounts will actually purchase.  You have my word, at Graetz Remodeling we will always have your best interest in mind, I am not interested in running a company that gains business by misleading it's clients.  I enjoy knowing that I have conducted myself, as have my employees, with honesty and integrity while working with you.